Website Updates: Best Practices, Latest News, and Career Opportunities Page

Published on April 07, 2017

When you access the NSAC website and allow your cursor to hover over the Benefits tab of the site, there are two categories listed in the benefits that would be good for you to be aware.

The Best Practices tab will take you to a new “library” of resources for a variety of different issues. The list is growing and we ask that you think of this section as a  “Wikipedia” approach in that, if you review a practice and feel it needs updated or an addition, please let us know.. We want these documents to be live and interactive, but the national office and the education director retain editorial oversight.

On the home page of the website in the column “Latest News” is a series of articles for the industry. These articles are updated on a regular basis and contain very supportive information and noted resources for the articles. Please include this list as part of your regular professional reading.

In the benefits tab we have updated a career opportunities page. From this one page you can place a resume, view resumes, post a job or search for a position. These options were previously available on the member’s only section and have recently been moved to a public page and listed as a member benefit.