Frequently Asked Questions

If you have come across the NSAC website and have a question, it may be among the frequently asked questions we often get. Please check this list of FAQs to see if your question is here. If not, feel free to reach out to a member of our staff for assistance.

Why should someone become a member of NSAC?

NSAC is the only organization representing the needs of cooperative accounting, auditing, tax and finance professionals in the United States and serves as the best place to network with other cooperative professionals who collectively have experienced every challenge you might possibly face. Not to mention the benefits and offerings far outweigh the dues investment.

As a member, how can I identify someone who can answer my questions?

You can use the Society’s Connect platform to search the directory and/or ask questions of the membership to identify those with the expertise necessary to help with your questions.

I think my cooperative/organization is too small to justify having a member in NSAC.

If your coop has any internal staff responsible for accounting functions, they can certainly gain knowledge on topics impacting your coop today such as accounting principles for cooperatives, new FASB pronouncements, tax codes, and other regulations that cooperatives must comply with. If your accounting functions are outsourced, then you should be certain the service providers you use are NSAC members. The dues investment is very small and whoever is responsible for the financial management of your cooperative or organization should be in the know.

What are my opportunities for professional development?

Members are encouraged to write articles for The Cooperative Accountant, blogs for the website, make presentations on technical topics at educational events, participate in national and chapter meetings and share experiences on Connect. Members can participate in these activities as little or as much as they desire. Volunteering on committees and serving in board leadership roles at the chapter or national levels are other ways to develop and utilize your skills.

Does NSAC offer CPE credits?

NSAC is a registered sponsor of CPE credits through NASBA. Credits are offered for courses at the annual Tax, Finance and Accounting Conference for Cooperatives (TFACC), various chapter events, and for our Cooperative Learning Networks (CLNs), otherwise known as webinars. Members can attend unlimited CLNs each year for no additional cost; they are included in your membership dues.

Does NSAC offer online and/or on-demand education?

Yes, we offer both. The Cooperative Learning Network is a web-based program where the organization hosts online sessions. The cooperative focused topics vary and are presented by high caliber presenters providing the most current information in the industry. A complete listing of upcoming and recordings of CLNs, can be found here.

Are there regional activities in which I can participate?

Yes, NSAC has regional chapters.

If someone in my organization belongs to NSAC, should I join too?

NSAC is an organization of individual memberships. To benefit from the offerings, you need to join. The more members from your organization, the better the networking and connections within the profession.

How can I help with membership recruitment and strengthening our footprint in the cooperative arena?

Always consider the idea that there are other people at your organization, that you meet at events or social gatherings in tax, accounting or finance dealing with cooperative issues that would benefit from membership in NSAC. Then, talk with any outside service providers you use (attorney, accountant, tax person, banker, etc.) about membership. If you are moving up in your organization, tell the individual taking your place about NSAC and why you are continuing your membership with your new role. Have them visit this page of the website or send their name and email to a member of the NSAC team and we will send a personalized invitation from you!

Are my NSAC dues deductible?

NSAC is a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization. Membership dues are fully deductible. Please see your preferred tax advisor for more information on how to deduct your dues. Please note that NSAC is not a charity and therefore is not eligible to receive charitable contributions.