Cooperative Learning Network (CLN)

Published on April 07, 2017

This feature of NSAC membership is a very cost effective method to provide top quality technical industry information to members at their desks. These live interactive online learning opportunities are modestly priced for a member to log-in and participate in the sessions. All members receive one session per year free as part of membership. Currently in the lineup of upcoming CLNs:

• April 13 - Business Continuity Planning
• May 2 - Advanced A&A (4 hour seminar)
• May 16 - ACA and the New Administration
• June 19 - Testing Internal Controls

Did you know that on the NSAC website there are CLN archives? The PODCasts listed include previously presented CLN’s and are available for purchase to be viewed at your convenience. These archives are not eligible for CPE credit, however if you or your firm would like to learn more about certain issues covered in the CLN, these PODCasts make a great lunch and learn opportunity for you and your team. If you or some you know would be interested in presenting a CLN please contact NSAC at (937) 222-6707, or by email.