Membership Campaign 2017

Published on April 07, 2017

The NSAC Membership Committee is once again seeking and supporting your efforts to help enroll new members to the Society. As a token of the organization's appreciation, all members will receive a portable power bank charging device in the coming weeks. We hope this device will be used and serve as a reminder of our need for members to serve as ambassadors.

The new member recruiting campaign for 2017 will award a $200 gift card to anyone who sponsors five new members. Also for anyone who sponsors a new member, your name will be added to a drawing, and at the 2017 Conference, five names will be drawn randomly for a $200 gift card.

The membership campaign offers you several ways to win, and the gift card can be used as you choose.

If you have questions please contact NSAC National Office at (937) 222-6707 or