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NSAC Installs new Board of Directors, Officers, announces membership campaign recipients and recognizes members with years of service to the Society.

Published on December 03, 2018

During our time in Austin we introduced the new elected leadership team for 2018-19, they are as follows:

President, William Miller, CPA Electric Chapter
Vice President, Nick Mueting, CPA, CFE Mid-West Chapter
Secretary/Treasurer Dave Antoni, Capitol Chapter
Past President, Jeff Brandenburg, CPA, CFE Great Lakes Chapter
Executive Committee Member, Erik Gillam, Pacific Northwest Chapter
Executive Committee Member, April Graves, Texas Chapter

Jo Ann Fuller, South Atlantic Chapter
Emery Lewis, Mississippi Valley Chapter
Tucker Lemley, Electric Chapter
Christy Norton, CPA Far Western Chapter
Mark Feldman, Mississippi Valley Chapter
Michael Mayhew, CPA North Central Chapter
Lynn Smith, North Central Chapter
Eric Krienert, CPA Far Western Chapter
Kent Erhardt, Great Lakes Chapter
Jeff Krejdl, Mid-West Chapter