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More Companies Are Opting for Hedge Accounting
The new hedge accounting standard, designed in part to make hedge accounting more accessible to more companies, is making its mark.  Early adopters of the new hedge accounting standard that took...

Balance Sheet Liabilities Jumped After Lease Accounting Change
The new lease accounting standard caused lease liabilities for the average company to increase a whopping 1,475 percent, skyrocketing from $4.4 million before the transition to $68.9 million post...

Key Steps to the Lease Accounting Close
While some organizations have transitioned smoothly, others are still struggling to make the necessary business process and control changes. To comply with the new lease accounting standards,...

How to Prevent Employee Data Theft
While organizations have invested heavily in protecting their sensitive data, even the world’s most sophisticated companies often overlook a persistent risk when it comes to potential data theft:...

What Are the Potential Tax Advantages of the LLC, C Corp and S Corp?
As an accounting professional, you know there are potential tax-related upsides and downsides for every type of business entity. It’s important to communicate those considerations to your clients...

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