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What Is NSAC? The National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives(NSAC) is comprised of professionals actively involved with the financial management and planning of cooperative business. NSAC strives to
provide accounting, tax and business education uniquely tailored to cooperatives, supports cooperatives in business interests, and offers networking and professional developement opportunities.

What Members Say about NSAC
December 2014
I am retiring at the end of the month and I will be staying in NSAC as a retired member. “It's been a good 30 years of active membership. I met lots of good people and received lots of valuable information. My replacement has already joined NSAC”.  
RP (Ron Peterson) Minnesota.

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NSAC’s Tax & Accounting Conference for Cooperatives
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August 2-5, 2015 | Denver, Colorado
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Managing Health Care Cost
July 23rd, 2015
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Latest News

Past NSAC President named to top Government Post
Kenneth Spearman was NSAC President in 2002‐2003 and recent decisions from the Whitehouse have helped strengthen the mystique of being an NSAC Past President.

IRS Clarifies Procedures for Changing Accounting Method
The Internal Revenue Service is clarifying some of its procedures for changing a method of accounting.

IRS Weighs Revenue Recognition Standards' Impact on Tax Accounting
The Internal Revenue Service has issued a notice asking for comments on the effect of the new revenue recognition standards on taxpayers’ methods of tax accounting.

FASB Proposes to Simplify Accounting for Measurement-Period Adjustments
The Financial Accounting Standards Board has released a proposed accounting standards update to simplify the accounting for measurement-period adjustments in business combinations.

What to Consider Before Monitoring Employee Smartphones
The prevalence of cell phones in today’s society, especially smartphones, presents a myriad of operational and legal challenges for employers. Just ask Tom Brady.

IRS Needs to Improve Internal Controls
The Internal Revenue Service has new deficiencies in its internal controls over financial reporting, according to a new report from the Government Accountability Office.

Regulators Say Firms Need 'Reasonable' Data Safeguards
If your firm isn't taking reasonable precautions to protect client data, you could face enforcement action. 

What a Robust Compliance Program Looks Like
During a keynote speech today at the Compliance Week 2015 conference, Leslie Caldwell provided some insight on what a robust compliance function looks like.