Why Join?

“My membership in NSAC opens a vast source of written technical aids regarding legal tax and accounting aspects of cooperatives.”
Associate, law firm working with cooperatives

“This is where cooperative professionals from both large and small cooperatives meet to exchange ideas, information, and resolutions to the unique challenges they face... on a continual basis”
Partner, major accounting firm

“The local and national meetings give me a chance to update my skills and network with other professionals with the same issues I face.”
Cooperative Development Specialist

“I have been reading and using NSAC's quarterly technical journal, The Cooperative Accountant, for over 25 years. I habe been writing articles for the past 10 years. The Cooperative Accountant is oftne the only source for much needed cooperative accounting information. It justifies the modest membership fee all by itself.”
Cooperative Controller

“NSAC is the only organization representing the needs, interests and concerns of cooperative finance professionals.”
Cooperative Chief Financial Officer

NSAC Membership Brochure

The Members

The Members The National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives (NSAC) is a professional society of over 1,500 individual members across the U.S. who are actively involved with the financial management and planning of cooperative businesses.

Your colleagues will include the finance, tax, and accounting employees of cooperatives as well as accountants, auditors, attorneys and bankers who provide services for cooperatives.

The Mission

Along with bringing like-minded individuals together and encouraging friendly relations among the membership, NSAC strives to be the acknowledged leader in:

  • Providing accounting, tax and business education uniquely tailored to cooperatives;
  • Providing networking and professional development opportunities for our membership; and…
  • Supporting cooperative business interests in standard setting processes. Enabling our membership to effectively serve cooperatives

The Programs

Each August, NSAC conducts its Tax and Accounting Conference for Cooperatives. This meeting covers the gamut of accounting, tax, finance, and general business management issues of importance to professionals working for or with cooperatives. Each of our chapters also holds one or more educational functions each year.

Our Cooperative Learning Network (CLN) webinar courses provide inexpensive, comprehensive CPE-certified reports on developments of interest to members over your computer and telephone. No travel costs, no time away from the office – just watch, listen, and learn.

NSAC offers two seminars to teach the specifics of cooperative accounting. Topics include cooperative financial statements, taxation, equity management, hedge accounting and risk management. Both Basic and Advanced Cooperative Accounting Seminars are presented throughout the country by sponsoring chapters and as CLN webinars.

The Message

Perhaps the most important tool NSAC will provide you is the quarterly technical journal, The Cooperative Accountant. This widely-respected publication furnishes timely and useful information on subjects of interest to the entire cooperative community.

NSAC is an active user of electronic and social networking programs such as Facebook to convey information and facilitate communication among professionals serving co-ops.

Also important is your new link to the vast network of cooperative professionals as well as service providers who are members of the Society.

Access to their collective experiences and expertise will enlighten you and provide solutions to your challenges.

The Qualifications

To qualify for membership in NSAC, you must be an individual:

  • Employed by or affiliated with a cooperative organization
  • Engaged in providing professional services for cooperatives, or
  • Otherwise engaged in the furtherance of cooperative principals

The Next Step

Join NSCA Today! An applicant must complete a membership application and submit this, with payment covering the cost of national and chapter membership, to the NSAC National Office. To obtain a copy of the membership application:

For additional information on NSAC, Contact the National Office.