Why Join?

“My membership in NSAC opens a vast source of written technical aids regarding legal tax and accounting aspects of cooperatives.”
Associate, law firm working with cooperatives

“This is where cooperative professionals from both large and small cooperatives meet to exchange ideas, information, and resolutions to the unique challenges they face... on a continual basis”
Partner, major accounting firm

“The local and national meetings give me a chance to update my skills and network with other professionals with the same issues I face.”
Cooperative Development Specialist

“I have been reading and using NSAC's quarterly technical journal, The Cooperative Accountant, for over 25 years. I habe been writing articles for the past 10 years. The Cooperative Accountant is oftne the only source for much needed cooperative accounting information. It justifies the modest membership fee all by itself.”
Cooperative Controller

“NSAC is the only organization representing the needs, interests and concerns of cooperative finance professionals.”
Cooperative Chief Financial Officer


Membership in the National Society of Accountants for Cooperatives (NSAC) is open to individuals employed by or affiliated with a cooperative organization as well as those who are engaged in providing professional services for cooperatives and those who are otherwise engaged in the furtherance of cooperative principals.

When joining NSAC, one becomes a member of the both the national organization and one or more chapters. NSAC has one chapter that is national in scope, the Electric Cooperative Chapter (ECC). The ECC is dedicated to serving rural utility advisors. Nine chapters are organized using state boundaries.

These regional organizations provide education and information of special interest to members in their geographic territory. They are especially valuable to members who may not be able to participate in national activities. Bylaw provisions entitle members to affiliate with the chapters(s) of their choice. A list of the states in each chapter is provided on the NSAC web site, www.nsac.coop.

An applicant must complete a membership application and submit this, with payment covering the cost of national and chapter membership, to the NSAC National Office. To obtain a copy of the membership application: