2018 Tax, Finance and Accounting Conference for Cooperatives

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Tax, Finance and Accounting Conference for Cooperatives

Each year's Annual Meeting contains a technical program developed by Various Committees within NSAC who select critical topics to ensure sessions are current, professionally rewarding and stimulating. The meetings feature presentations by recognized experts and panel discussions concerning accounting, taxation, financing and management methods employed by both large and small cooperatives. Invited speakers include individuals who possess a national reputation and hold positions of significant responsibility. Their publications deal with subjects of significant interest to cooperatives and their professional advisors. Concurrent sessions are often scheduled in order to provide participants with an opportunity to attend the sessions designed specifically to cover their special interests and needs. Participants are able to earn 23.50 hours of CPE credits this year.

Tax Seminar

Our Tax Seminars are spread out over the course of the conference and offer 9.5 hours of CPE credits this year. It is coordinated by the NSAC Tax Committee. Separate sessions are offered to cover basic cooperative tax issues for individuals with limited experience in cooperative tax regulations and to cover more advanced tax developments and problem areas for more experienced participants