2019 Tax, Finance and Accounting Conference for Cooperatives

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Cooperative Auditing & Accounting Seminar

Basic and Advanced Cooperative Accounting Seminars offer CPE-accredited training in the core concepts unique to working for or with cooperatives, such as equity management, tax planning, and risk management. Both courses are offered as part of our CLN’s (Cooperative Learning Network). Traditionally the Basic A&A Course is offered in the latter part of the year with the Advanced offered early part of the year.

A&A Basic Course

The Basic course is an introductory seminar for accountants, attorneys, finance people, and other employees of cooperatives and entities working with cooperatives who have limited experience in the field.

This course consists of a series of discussions, class exercises, and "self-tests" designed to teach the basic concepts of cooperative organization and operation, accounting and taxation.

The topics that the Basic course covers include:

  • Introduction to Cooperatives
  • Equity Management and Inter-cooperative Investments
  • Cooperative Taxation
  • Cooperative Financial Statements

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A&A Advanced Course

The form and content of the Advanced course is targeted for the experienced cooperative accountant with at least one to two years of responsibility at a middle management position with a cooperative or a public accountant with three to five years of general experience with a cooperative client.

This course may require advanced preparation, reading and exercises. The session consists of a presentation of modules which can vary from session to session, discussions, class exercises and a "self-test," all methods for strengthening your understanding of new concepts.

The learning modules of the Advanced course include:

  • Taxation
  • Pool Accounting
  • Financing Alternatives
  • Financial Accounting
  • Hedge Accounting

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