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Job ID#: 000090
Job Title: HR Specialist
Company/Firm: Arizona G&T Cooperatives
Type of Job: Full Time
Date Posted: September, 12, 2017
Job Location(s): Benson, AZ
Contact Name: Shannon Garner
Contact Phone: 520-586-5258
Contact Email:
Website URL:
Method of Contact: Website

Job Description:

Manager of Accounting and Tax

Main responsibilities include: all general and regulatory accounting, financial statements (including annual audit), tax returns (income, sales, property), budgets, personnel management.

Knowledge and Functions: 7 years accounting experience, 5 years management experience, complex accounting theory, corporate taxation, property tax valuations, sales tax statutes, ERP system, Excel proficiency, effective communications.

Preferred: CPA certificate, utility accounting, cooperative taxation, SAP experience.

About Us: Electric generation and transmission cooperative in northern Cochise County with great benefits. Small town. “A” rated primary schools.

Salaried Exempt Position: $8,941 - $11,137/month

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