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Companies Off to a Slow Start on Lease Accounting Standard
Many companies are lagging behind on preparations for the new lease accounting standard as they are still working on the revenue recognition standard, according to a pair of new surveys. The first...

How the New Revenue Standard May Affect a Company's Income Tax Accounting
As companies prepare to adopt the new revenue recognition standard, they must consider the potential income tax accounting implications. Adoption of the standard may create new temporary differences...

New Auditing Disclosure Requirement Takes Effect June 30
The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board issued a reminder that the new requirement will be taking effect on June 30. Auditing firms will be required to disclose the names of other participating...

CFOs Losing Sleep Over Financial Reporting
The financial reporting process keeps 97 percent of CFOs awake at night, according to a recent survey, with only 3 percent of the senior finance execs polled saying they don’t lose any sleep over...

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence - And The Future Of Accounting
Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence - And The Future Of Accounting Take a deep breath. Robots are NOT going to replace all human accountants or bookkeepers (at least not anytime...

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Mission Statement and Long Range Goals

Mission Statement
To be the acknowledged leader in:
• providing accounting, tax and business education uniquely tailored to cooperatives;
• providing networking and professional development opportunities for our membership; and
• supporting cooperative business interests in standard setting processes enabling our membership to effectively serve cooperatives

Goal #1 Identify and respond to relevant accounting and tax issues on a timely basis
Goal #2 Identify opportunities for collaboration with other cooperative groups
Goal #3 Generate a positive operating income.
Goal #4 A net gain in membership and achieving at least a 90% renewal rate.
Goal #5 Provide support and guidance to enhance chapter effectiveness.
Goal #6 Enhance and expand educational programs